Infrastructure Management Services


Total Infrastructure Outsourcing

Infrastructure Management Services

Maintaining a competitive enterprise in current economic conditions is becoming more and more challenging for current CIOs. IT budgets are getting stretched thinner and reducing enterprise costs is a top business priority for CIOs. Most organizations are looking to minimize costs and maximize agility and innovations. IT Infrastructure, being the hub of IT service delivery, is the ideal starting point to drive optimization and automation across the entire IT infrastructure. GoVirtual offers enterprises Total Infrastructure Outsourcing (TIO) services to address the needs of today and the future. GoVirtual's modular TIO services also offer options for selective outsourcing.

Key Capabilities

Optimize, Accelerate and Simplify your IT Infrastructure

GoVirtual's Total Infrastructure Outsourcing services consist of end to end management of the data center, end user computing and security infrastructure of an organization. GoVirtual utilizes a robust and mature Total Infrastructure Outsourcing (TIO) framework to develop customized outsourcing solutions that address the people, process and technology needs of our clients.

Data Center Outsourcing

Migrate, support, virtualize, host, manage and consolidate your data center environment

End User Computing Outsourcing

Manage, support, virtualize and migrate your end user computing environment

Security and Compliance Outsourcing

Assess, integrate, manage and assure risk and compliance in your security and compliance environment

Remote infrastructure management outsourcing services help organizations to outsource infrastructure management services which can be delivered remotely.

Business Value

  • Comprehensive total infrastructure management solutions
  • Global services provider supporting over 140 countries
  • On-shore, off-shore and multi-shore service models
  • Single point of contact with one contract
  • Tailored delivery/SLA model to reduce support requirements
  • Emphasis on maintaining an efficient and secure environment
  • Flexible hybrid commercial models available by combining pay per use and shared services
  • Ability to own and manage data center assets in addition to providing hardware refresh
  • Improved opportunities for IT resources
  • ITIL based services