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Managed Services

Managed Services

In today's dynamic environment one of the major challenges faced by any organization is increase in BAU cost which forces management to spend less on new initiatives. Organizations are operating from multiple locations with large number of work force which are underutilized and lack specialized skills resulting into increased cost of operations. CIOs today are embracing Managed services to provide quality services and invest wisely to achieve IT cost optimization. Managed Services provides single accountability instead of multiple vendors and reduces Total Cost Ownership (TCO) by avoiding cost of building management & reporting systems and provides faster time to market.

GoVirtual has been serving its customers in various engagement models and the most preferred model is Managed Services model by both customers and GoVirtual. Leveraging this rich two decades of experience in executing managed services GoVirtual has developed an integrated managed services platform to deliver best-in-class service experience. We accelerates customer's IT transformation journey towards Next Generation Enterprise. The platform enables our customers to focus on their core business rather than worrying about the day-to-day's technological issues, giving them a competitive edge through improved quality and faster time to market which leads to IT cost optimization.

Key Capabilities

Our platform helps our customers achieve Operational excellence and be competitive and current in the market. Our platform comprises of following 4 key modules - Service Operations, Knowledge Management, Project Management and Analytics & Reporting.

Our Managed services enable seamless Transition, Execution and Optimization of IT operations across Packaged & Custom applications, Infrastructure Management. Our Managed Services capabilities span across 3 dimensions: People, Process and Tools.

People - Access to wide range of certified technical and functional professionals across varied technologies (IBM, Microsoft, Java, Open Source, Agile, DevOps, UX & E-Learning, Product engineering, BI, Oracle, SAP, Domain products) with an experience of delivering IT cost optimization objectives.

Processes - Transition2Transformation framework based on ITIL/CMMI/ISO20000 industry frameworks, Lean and Agile practices to accelerate customer IT Transformation journey.

Tools - Usage of GoVirtual IPs, solution accelerators and managed services platform - IT cost reduction and faster time to market.

Business Values

GoVirtual has proven track record in handling Managed Services engagements and has delivered tangible and intangible benefits using our platform and reduced BAU spend by 30-40%. The key benefits of our Managed Services include:

  • Unified View of Service Operations - Integration with ITSM, Monitoring, Defect, and Project Management tools to provide single pane of glass.
  • Automation - Enhanced User experience with 'One-click-solutions' for repeatable issues which reduces mean-time-to-resolution Run-Books.
  • Proactive identification of problems - Reduces the incident lifecycle and prevents business-affecting incidents before they occur.
  • Project Management - Prediction of demand through visibility of resource utilization patterns.
  • CXO Level dashboards - Analytics based decision making to prioritize continual improvement initiatives