These are exciting yet challenging times in the Healthcare Industry. The Industry is facing a plethora of regulatory compliance deadlines in the face of shrinking budgets and rising costs, while it has to constantly strive to meet its overarching goal of delivering better quality healthcare. The PPACA, HITECH, ICD10 and similar other federal and state regulations are bound to change the healthcare landscape significantly over the next five years. Every player in this industry - the providers, payers, state and federal healthcare agencies, healthcare IT vendors, and employers will be affected in ways that cannot yet be defined clearly.

However, one thing is for sure - the use of innovative technology will be the mantra for success. Organizations that stay agile and quickly adapt to the changing landscape using these innovative technologies will not only be successful but also gain significantly from these impending changes. To win this race against time, you need a partner who understands technology and the nuances of the healthcare industry.

GoVirtual Technologies with over 10 years of experience in building and delivering cutting edge solutions will be your 'trusted' partner in this Healthcare Business Transformation. By outsourcing their healthcare IT needs to GoVirtual, healthcare enterprises can focus on other critical regulatory and healthcare delivery issues. With GoVirtual, you can be sure that you will get a quality work product at a very competitive price with excellent support service.

Healthcare Payers

The Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rule of the Accountable Care Act is forcing the insurance companies to contain operational costs like employer salaries, marketing and other expenses. This has increased competition in the payer market; leading to drastic changes in the process methodologies of payer companies.

Managing the spiraling cost and coping up with the evolving needs of a much informed customer base can be battled only by implementing a full-scale transformation process of the payer operational model. It is critical that the insurers adopt both consumer-centric as well as employee-centric solutions to be dexterous as well as competitive. GoVirtual is fully cognizant of the market turbulence in the payer industry and has partnered with clients to achieve not only efficiencies in productivity, but has also helped in implementing processes to improve organization accountability and customer focus with the help of smart and innovation technology.

  • Healthcare Member Portals - Portals for comprehensive, secure, online access to personal health information, individual care plans, health risk-assessment tools, and other consumer services.
  • Internal Process Automation - Applications to automate care plan development and publishing, assimilating and analyzing consumer engagement metrics and integrating social media platforms to accentuate product visibility
  • Insurance Exchange Platforms - Online portals to enable consumer's self-service demand for product study, selection, comparison, request submission and online purchasing.
  • Healthcare IT Professional Services

Healthcare Providers

The Healthcare Industry landscape in the US is undergoing a crucial and dramatic transformation that, although challenging, offers exciting opportunities to improve efficiencies and patient outcomes. Providers, faced with a plethora of regulatory compliance deadlines amid shrinking budgets, rising costs and increasing patient expectations, are finding it difficult to focus on delivering quality care. Balancing these competing factors can be a daunting task. Some specific objectives which are of immediate concern for Providers:

  • Improving patient outcomes and reducing waiting cycles
  • Meeting Meaningful Use and other such regulatory requirements
  • Streamlining IT workflow in hospitals to reduce cost of care
  • Optimizing processes and quality assurance to bring down risks
  • Improving patient-provider communication

GoVirtual understands the role of IT in improving an organization's effectiveness while addressing current healthcare challenges. We continuously track, anticipate, analyze and implement relevant IT solutions to improve delivery of care with higher levels of safety, quality and patient centricity. Our end-to-end healthcare IT services help related stakeholders to connect, communicate, and comply across functional and technical silos.