C++ Software Development

C++ Software Development

Our clients leverage our C++ expertise to build, enhance, sustain and support their software products and applications. GoVirtual programmers have developed advanced systems for application and network monitoring & recovery, high-performance computing, security and compliance management and cutting-edge multi-media applications. GoVirtual has worked with major hardware and software systems companies to deliver end-to-end C++ development services on both Linux and Windows platforms. We possess extensive experience across:

  • C++ Software Product Development
  • C++ Application Development
  • C++ Cross-Platform Development
  • C++ Professional Services

Linux / UNIX Software Development

GoVirtual Linux / UNIX Software Development Services are based on in-depth understanding of Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Linux OS, OS sub-systems, and development tools by our developers. Our programmers are skilled at addressing the diverse aspects of system / kernel programming, tools, components, and debugging techniques, providing expertise across:

  • File Systems
  • Storage Systems and Virtualization
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Custom Protocols
  • Driver Development
  • Linux Software Development

Our Linux Software Development expertise spans:

  • Linux Device Utilities
  • Linux System Utilities
  • Linux Server System Utilities

Our UNIX Software Development expertise includes:

  • UNIX Device Utilities
  • UNIX System Utilities
  • UNIX Server System Utilities
  • UNIX Application Development

Windows Software Development

GoVirtual Windows Software Development Services leverage our in-depth understanding of the Windows API and functioning of core Windows System Services - file systems, memory, GUI, threads, synchronization, processes, communication, and security. Our company's service offerings for Windows cover:

  • Windows Device Utilities
  • Windows System Utilities
  • Windows Server System Utilities
  • Windows Embedded Systems
  • Windows Console Application Development
  • Windows GUI Development
  • Windows MFC Programming
  • Windows Power Shell Programming
  • Windows MAPI / TAPI Programming

Our developers have expertise in the following aspects of Windows-System Programming:

  • Handling Virtual Memory
  • Controlling Processes
  • Unicode & Internationalization
  • Using Threads
  • Upgrading Legacy Applications to Windows 2008 / Vista
  • Synchronizing Resources
  • Controlling the Registry
  • Creating Services
  • Non-Uniform Memory Access
  • Virtualization Support

Embedded Software Development

GoVirtual embedded software development expertise is backed by years of experience helping clients integrate technology and automation into state-of-the-art physical devices. Our company provides solutions for OS and OS Images, embedded applications, boot and file systems, user interfaces, browser-driven access, OS porting and optimization. Our embedded software development programmers can help you with:

  • Embedded Application Development
  • Embedded File Systems
  • Embedded Linux Development
  • Software Development for Embedded Systems
  • Real-Time Applications Development
  • Software Development for Mobile Devices
  • User Interface Development for Embedded Systems
  • Testing and QA for Embedded Systems