Company Overview

Company Overview

GoVirtual is an Information Technology Software Development, Consulting and Managed Service Company, well established in London and New Jersey.

We offer technical, business and knowledge processing services to organizations as well as individuals seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operating software development costs. It is a well-known entity and cut above the rest in business, as we provide state of the art software products and online B2B technology services at our client's convenience. We hold proprietary Digital Service Cloud software technology platform, delivering cloud services to customers within US, UK and Canada.

GoVirtualWorld is a Limited Company incorporated in England and Wales and has been an Omni-channel online and onsite technology services provider in United Kingdom. We have specialised in replacing leading open source software where customers enjoy enhanced ecommerce back office results. GoVirtualWorld believes in transparent one-world platform by providing state of the art personalized client portal to help them attain complete control of their services and solutions.

GoVirtualWorld is one of the pioneers in providing technology actionable intelligence, personal intelligence and customer insights to consumers, small businesses and start-ups. We specialise in creating outstanding bespoke websites and e-commerce websites. At GoVirtualWorld Club, we aim for excellence in everything we do and this begins with our employees. It is fundamental to our continued success that we invest in highly talented individuals, focus on their continuous development and leverage their skills to meet our clients evolving needs of online & onsite technology services.

We are providers of fully integrated, on-demand ecommerce solutions-powered by exceptional technology and by the innovation, passion and tireless dedication of our team, we enable multi-channel ways to sell more efficiently across all customer touch points; These include our web storefronts, "brick-and-mortar" small to medium companies and vibrant start-ups.

We promise to deliver on the Software as a Service package. We provide technical solutions and help companies provide the same rich, immersive user experience offered by the leading internet destinations, while eliminating many costly IT challenges our customers often face. We offer our clients an unbeatable value for their ecommerce investment. Our solutions are fast, innovative, secured to build our brand on customer service. We steer applied and actionable intelligence by providing an exceptional shopping experience for customers on our internet-connected forum.

As a local domain business in London and New Jersey, our people come from local family backgrounds, represent different ethnic cultures, educational backgrounds and life experiences. At GoVirtualWorld Club, we have created a very unique culture that values passion for results, hard work, agility, excellence and encourage innovation, empowerment & open communication.