Protecting Your Personal Details

GoVirtualWorld will respect the privacy of the personal data you supply to GoVirtual Club and records we retain relating to your membership and services.

We will not use your data or disclose it elsewhere/ and or other entities for purposes relating to your membership, provisions of membership benefits, services and facilities to you.

Details are strictly contained in the GoVirtual Club Membership Terms and Conditions. By submitting this form you consent to the use and disclosure for these purposes of any sensitive data you supply.

We may combine your data with data collected from cookies and use it to customize the website & your exclusive customer relationship management (CRM) tool tailor-made for you. We may also use your data to communicate with you for marketing or market research purposes, if you tick the relevant boxes on this application form or in your online personal profile once you are a member.

Please read the Privacy Policy for information on how to amend your personal profile and more information about how we use cookie data.

Please note, as with any standard email, any emails containing your personal data sent to or from GoVirtualWorld will be in a non-encrypted format.