Business Application Services


Application Development & Integration

Business Application Services

To gain competitive edge, it is crucial to look at application solutions that help to connect your business across boundaries. 'Application Development and Integration' services of GoVirtual helps customer organizations in development, integration and aligning applications with their business across technologies. These applications can support entire business processes across complex scenarios and for dynamic business needs.

Service Offerings

With a range of advanced application development models and frameworks in dedicated development centers across the globe - we help enable technology transformation across your organization. Organizations across the globe are utilizing our Application Development and Integration (ADI) services in

  • Creating architectural roadmap
  • Designing and developing new applications
  • Enhancing existing applications
  • Integrating existing and/or newly built applications

As the strategic partner for our customers our ADI services are enabling them to accelerate business growth, reduce development costs and enhance their customer experience.

Key Capabilities

GoVirtual Accelerated Development

In-house developed framework accelerates application development life-cycle by using - industry best practices and reusable components resulting into improved code quality. ZAD facilitates faster adoption of newer technologies in order to achieve speed to market.

Solution BluePrint

SBP introduces engineering practices in software development with a focus on building re-usable platform agnostic models to generate platform-specific components. SBP delivers 20% faster application development than standard application development cycles.

Service Oriented Architecture

The Lifecycle Implementation Methodology helps organizations architect their applications; integrate functionalities from existing/new applications. This enables the re-facing of your applications and systems to meet current and future business needs with significant cost savings.

Agile Services

GoVirtual has expertise in executing development, maintenance and testing projects using Agile methodologies. All Agile projects are executed in an exclusive environment designed for better communication. Local teams operate in no boundaries / cubicles layout where web-cams/ big screen monitors/ Scrum-boards are used for interaction with remote team. We have executed projects using Agile standards like Scrum and XP methodologies in dual-shore and off-shore models.

Business Value

By leveraging our vast experience in Application Development, our customers acquired the following benefits:

  • Free-up customer Project Manager band-width up to 20% to focus on Core Business activities
  • Recommend best fit solution using Technology Centers of Excellence
  • Use of our own Knowledge Management process to reduce the key person dependencies that gives service continuity
  • 10% increase in Productivity by using Solution Accelerators and Reusable components library
  • 0 - 5% schedule variance by using our in-built Prediction tools
  • 5% cost savings on development by leveraging our expertise in CMMI Development processes
  • Reduced quality assurance costs using our efficient design reviews, automated code reviews and unit testing methodologies