Business Application Services


Total Outsourcing

Business Application Services

GoVirtual's Total Outsourcing service helps simplify, optimize and accelerate, applications, infrastructure and processes of the organization.

Applications: The Total Outsourcing service helps bring differentiation via application rationalization and new ways of application development. It helps alleviate the customer's concern over handling complex IT issues, and helps focus on strategic business imperatives instead. We take over the complete custom application portfolio enabling the customer organizations reduce the total cost of operations, and obtain higher efficiencies and quality. GoVirtual's optimization framework for support helps focus on building efficiencies and renders enriched user experience across the business applications. The framework helps make continuous improvements to stay current in a changing business environment. GoVirtual's Total Outsourcing helps achieve maximum value by providing best of breed IT practices for your business.

Infrastructure: We optimise, secure, manage and support your mission critical infrastructure. With multi shore capabilities, GoVirtual combines expert consulting, integration, support and managing services with world class customer service to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and manage risks. Through our capabilities in multi-vendor support, data center services, end user computing, remote infrastructure management and security and compliance we are well equipped to deliver value to the customer through highly optimized infrastructure.

Processes: Through platform based solutions and our process outsourcing and optimization services we are able to help the customer achieve higher efficiencies in process performance. Our process consulting and technology solutions help deliver maximum out of the business performance. Our services and solutions give customers higher flexibility of hosted and transaction based pricing models.