Infrastructure Management Services


Multivendor Support Services

Infrastructure Management Services

Third-party maintenance (TPM) for servers, storage and networking equipment is gaining increased demand from end users, especially when equipment is post warranty. Typically IT support finds out about nearly 65% of problems after customers have already identified them. GoVirtual offers enterprises three multivendor service packages, MVS, MVS+ and MVSlifecycle to address enterprise needs of today and the future. GoVirtualís modular service packages offer pay as you grow infrastructure on demand.

GoVirtual has experience of providing multivendor maintenance services to leading enterprise organizations. GoVirtual is a single point of contact for all multivendor maintenance solutions including servers, storage, tape libraries and switches/routers across all the major data center OEMS.

Key Capabilities

GoVirtual Multivendor Services

MVS is hardware maintenance support, consisting of call handling, on-site and remote technical support and parts replacement/upgrade. A host of other enhanced maintenance services are available to extend this offering to provide cost effective alternatives with superior service quality, especially for systems no longer under OEM warranty.

MVS+ consists of hardware maintenance plus (+) remote monitoring services (RIMS) leveraging automation from industry leading monitoring software partners or your own monitoring software solution. Includes monitoring, help desk, L2 & L3 support along with systems administration activities managing everything from the operating system to the applications layer. MVS+ increases client uptime through the integration of monitoring with maintenance solutions allowing for proactive maintenance to prevent issues from occurring.

MVSlifecycle inclusive of maintenance and monitoring, evaluates your legacy infrastructure and the benefits of modernizing it in combination with a co-location or cloud infrastructure. Monitoring and Tiered Level Management Services, both technical support and systems administration, are applied in a modular fashion integrated with existing operations to offer continuous services at fixed unit rates. For enterprises seeking to acquire new infrastructure, MVSlifecycle offers the benefit of GoVirtual partnerships with industry leading datacenter and network manufacturers to obtain state of the art technology at discounted rates.

Business Value

  • Lower cost alternative to the OEM
  • Equivalent or better service quality with flexible client focused SLAs
  • Cost avoidance from increased uptime
  • Continuous improvement from proactive alerting to trending analysis
  • Modular to comprehensive service coverage
  • Access to acquisition of state of the art technology
  • Performance based service contracts
  • Higher visibility into IT infrastructure