Shoppers of luxury goods need to be engaged with personalized service for repeat purchase. Your marketing strategy should focus on luxury spending while recasting brands for niche markets and customer micro-segments. Luxury retailers require a combination of upscale and 'functional luxury' merchandise to maximize revenue.

The GoVirtual Retail practice helps luxury fashion and lifestyle brands increase their share of the customer wallet through accurate demand forecasting. Our Omni-channel commerce solutions enhance pre-sales, in-store, and after-sales experience while retaining the exclusivity of luxury brands across apparel, jewelry, leather goods, watches, eyewear, writing instruments, and beauty products.


  • Connected Commerce
    1. Channel alignment
    2. Digital marketing
    3. Location-based targeting
    4. Augmented reality
    5. Mobile point-of-sale
  • Customer Experience
    1. User journey / personal development
    2. Experience and usability design
    3. Product prototyping
    4. Campaign optimization
  • Supply Chain
    1. Workflow automation
    2. Distributed order management
    3. Warehouse and fulfillment management
    4. Collaboration platforms
  • Analytics
    1. Organizational readiness
    2. Offer optimization
    3. Customer and market insights
    4. Social sentiments
    5. Digital intelligence