Internet of Things and Connected Products


Our Internet of Things and Connected Products capabilities provide transformative capabilities for our clients' businesses through horizontal and industry-specific IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things is experiencing exponential growth fueled by decreasing costs in computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, ubiquitous connectivity and the rise of cloud computing.

Our Internet of Things business practice provides transformative capabilities for our client's businesses by successfully deploying connected products. Our Internet of Things offerings capabilities include Connected Health right through to a Connected Industrial Workforce.

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Our Internet of Things offerings provide a range of solutions for industry specific challenges and opportunities including:

Connected Health

Uses IoT technology to improve the quality of healthcare, enhance patient experiences, enable remote patient monitoring and optimize operational processes, staff efficiency and medical equipment utilization.

Connected Transport

A complete connected vehicle solution including on-board software development and integration, connectivity through global mobile network operators, service delivery platform and managed services capabilities.

Connected Spaces

Uses IoT technologies to improve the use and experiences of physical spaces where we live our lives. Capabilities include connected home capabilities and smart building solutions that reduce energy usage.

Connected Operations

Deploys IoT technologies to optimize and enhance operational processes, asset performance and the workforce to enable productivity enhancements. Specific areas include connected asset management and connected industrial workers.

Connected Commerce

Leverages emerging payment capabilities to enable commerce in the IoT world and deliver a personalized commerce experience wherever and whenever a transaction is required or initiated by an individual or device.