Deploying the right technology architecture, applications and policies

Banking Solutions

Comprehensive, custom strategies that align a bank's business needs and result in
increased productivity, real-time processing and synchronized processes
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  • Incorporating frameworks like Straight through Processing (STP)
  • Web Portal which eases the Automation of processes to increase profitability
  • Real-time access to integrated client information
  • Data Processing and Payrolls, Transaction reporting

Analyze your supply and market data with our BI practice

Energy Sector

Leveraging the right technology solutions can enable companies to run
operations efficiently and grow profitably in this business environment.
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  • Mobility to improve mobile and field workforce
  • Enhance system integration and build custom applications
  • Critical business insights and intelligence
  • Analyse supply and market data with our BI practice

Operational excellence is the cornerstones of any successful enterprise

Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprises looking to leverage the cloud to explore new business avenues need to
ensure they have a sound cloud strategy in place.
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  • Storing your files and accessing, storing and retrieving them from any web-enabled interface.
  • When your cloud needs fluctuate, your server capacity scales up and down to fit.
  • Pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model, that’s kind to your cash flow
  • Synchronisation of data and contacts between your Webmail and mobile devices

Improving patient outcomes and reducing waiting cycles

Healthcare Sector

Automate care plan development and publishing, assimilating and
integrating social media platforms to accentuate product visibility
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  • Online portals to enable consumer's self-service demand for product study
  • Optimizing processes and quality assurance to mitigate risks
  • Online access to personal health information, individual care plans
  • IT solutions to improve delivery of care with higher levels of safety and quality


We are passionate about helping our clients win and deliver high quality products and services.

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We provide solutions which are fast, innovative, secured to build our brand on customer service.

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We're driven by a passion to help our clients build stronger, agile and innovative businesses.

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Software Development

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, GoVirtualWorld will be happy to assist you at any and every stage of the software development stages.

Software Outsourcing

GoVirtualWorld has been providing a full spectrum of custom software development outsourcing services to leading companies around the globe.

Technology Services

Our technology service transpires, improvises and comforts all to use software and hardware devices, as well as boost confidence and to adapt latest technology devices and software.

Application Management

GoVirtualWorld Application Management practice offers support services for applications, middleware platforms, user administration and service reporting.

Managed Services

Our Managed services enable seamless Transition, Execution and Optimization of IT operations across Packaged & Custom applications, Infrastructure Management.

Infrastructure Management

GoVirtualWorld's Infrastructure Management services enable leading companies worldwide to optimize, secure, manage and support their mission-critical infrastructure.

Cloud, Infra & Security

Cloud is no longer evaluated in isolation, but is an integral part of any IT strategy. With enterprises moving towards delivering 'IT as a service,' it has become essential for business value.

Enterprise Solution

As enterprises have similar departments and systems enterprise software is often available as a suite of customizable programs. GoVirtual offers specialist capabilities in all leading Solutions.


We offer a broad range of proven end-to-end capabilities and solutions across mobility strategy, mobile application development, testing, connected devices and embedded software.



We have Hosting Plan Perfect For all your need!

Our hosting plan include all the features to boost your business.

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Create a professional website just like that

We give you intuitive design tools; you plug in some info and create the site you've always wanted easier than you ever imagined.

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Online Marketing

Use our expert suggestions to continuously move your business listing closer to the top.

Search Engine Visibility help you by adding the right keywords and text to your site, then submitting your site to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and over 100 other popular search engines and directories.

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Choose a design. Add your products. Start selling.

Select one of our professionally designed themes and make it unique by adding your logo and changing colors or fonts. If you know your way around HTML or CSS, you can even dig into the code and make changes that way.

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Virtual Webmail give an excellent experience to any browser, whichever is your favourite or Mobile.

Virtual Webmail provide you the tools that will enable you to boost your daily communication, Document sharing, Spreed Meeting and Business apps like email, contacts, appointments, calendar, and social networking sites are available in one suite.

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